Jacquelle Amado
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Teammate Tuesday – Jacquelle Amado

Meet our Jacq of all trades!

We greatly value all the members in our 19 family, however, one woman specifically has stood out as pivotal to our day to day success in the last few years. Meet Jacquelle Amado, pictured here with her daughter Makenna.

Jacq has been with 19 Okanagan for 5 years, filling countless roles including server, manager, bartender, head cash person, master of the Squirrel + Moneris systems, IT hero, wine expert, and the list goes on… We don’t know what we would do without her because frankly we can’t keep track of all it is that she does exactly. Endlessly grateful and always impressed, 19 is absolutely better because of her.

When you look past the tall tower of hats she wears, you see a truly lovely and talented individually capable of making guests and employees feel welcome without effort. Within the confines of our restaurant she is a person who takes pleasure in facilitating unique and memorable experiences, and addresses any situation or issue with grace and ease.

Outside of the restaurant she is a supportive friend who listens and laughs with you over a bottle of wine, a student working hard to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and the mother to a kind and intelligent daughter.

It has been said that a successful life is one in which an individual commit’s to improving their self a little bit every day, and by that definition (any many others) Jacq is absolutely a success.

To put is simply, Thank you!