Chef Scotty Powell and new bride Jojo
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Teammate Tuesday – Chef Scotty Powell

Meet the Head Chef – Scotty Powell!

Meet Head Chef Scotty Powell, pictured here with his beautiful new bride, Johanna. They were recently married in Mexico with their toes in the sand, and we are so happy for them!

Chef Scotty is the driving force behind our commitment to high quality, consistent, and most importantly delicious dishes. His strong work ethic inspires our kitchen team to excel; an already talented team of red seal chefs, apprentices, and line cooks flourish under his leadership.

His ability to see talent in those around him has brought out the best in our team. We have seen part time dishwashers and line cooks, who wanted nothing more than a paycheck and a fun place to work, inspired to pursue education in the culinary arts because Chef saw potential. He invests in his people, and his people have in turn invested their time in improving themselves. Every delicious bite you take is created thoughtfully by Chef Scotty and our team of Red Seal sous chefs, and executed daily by our committed kitchen team.

Chef Scotty is more than just our pragmatic head chef. He is a loving husband and father, supportive friend, and his consistently positive attitude uplifts everyone around him. We love the meals he creates, but more than that we love the energy and passion he brings to everything he does.

Congrats Jojo and Scotty, we know you will have a beautiful life together.