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Teammate Tuesday – Chef Geoff Molloy

Geoff (Geo) has been working at 19 since he was hired as a dishwasher over a decade ago. Since then a lot has changed. He finished high school, had two beautiful children (Leo and Zoey), got married to Kate, and finished his culinary schooling. It has been a pleasure to watch Geo develop into the passionate learner, supportive team member, and loving father that he is today.

Now in the position of Sous Chef, Geo has been the one behind the scenes developing and creating our amazing menu. With such a strong passion for food and a desire to learn and explore the culinary world he has become the back bone of the menu development team of 19. By constantly educating himself and researching new techniques and food trends he had helped 19 create the amazing menu we are proud to serve today. The menu has evolved tremendously over the past few years and no one is more deserving of the credit and thanks than Geo “Sweet Sugar Cupcake” Molloy.

Are you or someone you know interested in working alongside our BOH team, lead by talented Chefs such as Geo, Lyndon, and Scotty? Great news, we are hiring! Come in any day between 2-5pm with your resume and a little time to chat with us.