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Prawn + Sun-dried Tomato Chicken (gf)

Pan roasted chicken, three ocean wise prawns sautéed with a sun-dried tomato cream


  • Double breast of BC chicken breast, skin on
  • Sauté of wild prawns
  • Sun-dried tomato cream sauce (garlic, white wine, sundried tomatoes, cream) fold in arugula to finish
  • Red jacket mashed potatoes
  • Locally sourced, seasonal vegetables
  • Large rectangle plate

Method of Preparation:

Step 1: Season skin side of double breast of chicken

Step 2: Turn and roast in oven, heat a sauté pan with oil, prawns, add sun-dried tomato cream, bring to high simmer, fold in arugula to finish

Step 3: Plate mashed in center, vegetables on one side of mashed, chicken hinged on other side of mashed, sauce napped on leading edge of chicken