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Pho King Lettuce Wraps (gf) – Updated

Wok seared chicken + bell peppers in a peanut satay, traditional sides of butter lettuce, sunomono cucumber slaw, honey-lime cilantro sauce, togarashi dusted rice noodles + fresh lime


  • Six perfect leaves of butter lettuce
  • Crisp slaw mix (sunomono vinegar, red + white cabbage, carrots, cucumber + fresh cilantro)
  • Marinated chicken sautéed with red peppers and a peanut soy glaze
  • Togarashi dusted (Japanese spice blend) crispy fried rice noodles
  • Large square plate

Method of Preparation:

Step 1: Pre-heat a sauté pan with oil, sear marinated chicken, add red peppers, finish with peanut soy satay

Step 2: Build large plate with traditional sides of sunomono slaw + cilantro vinaigrette

Step 3: Carefully place chicken and bell pepper sauté on remaining corner of plate

Step 4: Finish with chiffonade of basil, a wedge of lime + sesame seeds