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Kobe-Shi at 19 Okanagan

The compound butter melting on your delicious steak at 19 Okanagan is in fact not butter at all. 19-Okanagan-Grill-+-Bar-March 2015 - kobe-shi beef tallow2It’s beef tallow, rendered from Wagyu (american kobe) beef. Sous Chef Lyndon Siemens has romanticized it as Kobe-shi, a mono-saturated fat which our chefs use instead of butter to finish all of our Certified Angus Beef & Double R Ranch steaks. To prepare it for your dinner we whip it, pipe it, cut it to an appropriate size and set it on top of your finished steak just prior to serving. Of course all of our steaks are cooked to your exact specifications.


Kobe-Shi is roughly double the price of butter and a healthier form of fat than butter. The flavour profile creates a richer mouth feel, especially important with a lean cut of red meat like the Bison flat iron. Kobe-Shi is high in both vitamin D and conjugated linoleic acid which helps reduce cholesterol and promotes improved metabolism. Mono-saturated fats can also be found in avocado, peanut butter and olive oil, some of the healthiest fats we can eat.19-Okanagan-Grill-+-Bar-Flat Iron Steak March 2015

Our supplier is Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch, part of the Agri Beef Company in Boise Idaho. It’s a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork products in the Pacific Northwest. They have a 45 year history and a great story to tell.

Chef Scotty Powell and the 19 Okanagan kitchen team prepare every meal fresh to order. Our steaks are a staple on our menu.