July 2017

Patio days, we love patio days
It’s a new container…..


This is another honour for our team of dedicated chefs, apprentices, servers and support team members. We are delighted!” (19 Okanagan Owner/Operator Neil Martens)
Sicilian Flatbread
Sous Chef Adrian “Too Tall” Nymeyer

Vintage Salad
Steakhouse BBQ Burger – fresh 7 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, glazed with BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, chopped bacon, melting provolone, tempura pickles + mayo
Craft Beer comes to 19
Breakfast anyone?
Tempura flashed prawns (six), sunomono slaw, garnished with honey lime cilantro + a side of citrus ponzu
Ready for your BC Wine selection

Baked ham + brie. The goodness looks dellicious
The weekend is here on the patio
Another breakfast sensation
Crispy Chicken Sandwich of Love

Pho King Lettuce Wraps (gf) – wok seared chicken + bell peppers in a peanut satay, traditional sides of butter lettuce, sunomono cucumber slaw, honey-lime cilantro sauce, togarashi dusted rice noodles + fresh lime
Our very special golf inspired whiskey bottle
Ahi Tuna Sandwich
Craft beer bombers