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Christmas Dinner To Go

Tis the Season… to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and of course… hungry! Time with family and friends is such a rare treat, why spend it in the kitchen? Let Chef Scotty set you up for a stress-free holiday dinner.

|$119| Dinner for Six

Our fresh BC Turkey comes oven ready, brined + seasoned, letting you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with rum n’ eggnog family…

| Oven ready, de-boned, Fresh BC Turkey Thigh
(aprox. 1.5lb) (gf)
| Oven Ready, de-boned Fresh BC Turkey Breast
(aprox. 3.5lb) (gf)
| Made From Scratch, natural Turkey gravy- 750ml (gf)
| Made from Scratch, Cranberry Sauce- 410ml (gf)
| Turkey Stuffing Log – Herbed brioche with bacon

| Additions

Prices for a group of six

|$70| 30 oz Braised Short Ribs, natural demi glace
|$32| Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
|$32| Locally sourced Candy Cane Beets
|$28| Red Jacket Mashed Potatoes (60 oz)
|$26| Sinful Chocolate Ganache

| How To order

All orders must be sent to prior to Monday December 14
You will receive an email confirmation of your order on Wednesday December 16
Please include your phone number in your email, payments processed on Wednesday, December 16

| Pick Up

Pick up your Holiday Dinner, with detailed cooking instructions, on:
December 23 between 2 – 5pm |or| December 24 prior to 1 pm

All the best this holiday season, from Neil, Chef Scotty + the entire 19 Okanagan team