August 2017

Cajun Chicken Burger – blackened chicken, Okanagan cheddar, crispy firecracker onions, peppercorn mayo, iceberg lettuce + ripe tomato on a brioche kaiser

Our Fish Tacos
Under cover patio love
Another amazing wedding reception. Thanks for choosing us.
Our dill pickles are pretty great!
Mmmmm, chocolate
Six ounces of AAA Alberta beef
Check out our beer selection
Pacific Black Cod
Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger
With coffee and maybe a Mimosa
Gyoza – one of our favourites
Cabernet Braised Short Ribs (gf) – Slow braised, boneless Alberta AAA+ beef, natural red wine demi glace + red jacket mashed
Sicilian Flatbread
Mediterranean Market
Never too many cherries
Our Vintage Salad goes with anything
Goat Cheese + Tapenade
Congratulations Kira and Mathew
This could be your next steak

To Cheesecake or not to Cheesecake
Peppercorn Burger or as we like to call it, patio food
When life says eat salad, try our Mediterranean
A perfect pairing, Pan Roasted Chicken with sauteed prawns
Thai Noodle Bowl
Breakfast BLT