Ocean Wise prawns (seven) flashed with gluten free tempura, crispslaw, sides of sweet soy glaze + wasabi chili mayo


  • 7 ocean wise prawns, tails removed
  • House made tempura batter (gluten free)
  • Wasabi chilli aioli (served in a wonton spoon)
  • Sweet chilli soy (served in a wonton spoon)
  • Crisp slaw mix (sunomono vinegar, red + white cabbage, carrots, cucumber)
  • Medium rectangle plate

Method of Preparation:

  • Step 1: Coat prawns in gluten freeĀ flour, then tempura batter
  • Step 2: Flash fry until golden brown and drain oil
  • Step 3: Build plate with sunomono slaw on one side
  • Step 4: Place wonton spoons of wasabi chilli aioli + sweet soy glaze at opposite end of plate
  • Step 5: Place prawns on a cocktail napkin on center of plate