staff16Her first restaurant job was at the age of 14. It was summer and while not very busy, the experience fueled her passion for the service industry. Kaylene has been at 19 Okanagan for 3 years and counting. In her words, “I love everything about it, high pace, atmosphere, amazing staff and our customers. Everyday there is something new to learn. It’s always interesting!” At 19 Okanagan, Kaylene has been a hostess, server, shift leader and bartender. Her future may include owning her own restaurant.

Kaylene travels as much as time and money allows as she is fascinated by different cultures. In her spare time, she enjoys wine tasting, sampling wines, trying new wines and drinking wine. Kaylene also enjoys long walks on the beach, vigorous exercise in almost all forms and has developed a new found love for running. She says it clears her head, especially after too much wine…


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