(gf) hand cut greens, quinoa, arugula, candy cane beets, bourbon dijon vinaigrette, cranberries, slivered almonds + local goat cheese


  • Hand cut, mixed organic lettuces + greens
  • Bourbon Dijon vinaigrette (dairy free)
  • Baby arugula + quinoa
  • Candy cane beets, diced
  • Sun-dried cranberries, sliced almonds
  • Local goat cheese from Happy Valley
  • Large shear bowl, chilled

Method of Preparation:

Step 1: toss greens with bourbon dressing

Step 2: place glistened greens in chilled shear bowl

Step 3: Toss arugula, quinoa, sun-dried cranberries, candy cane beets + dressing

Step 4: place on top of dressed greens in shear bowl

Step 5: finish with crumbled goat cheese + sliced almonds

Quinoa is a healthy substitute for rice, potatoes, bread and pasta. To read about its benefits, check out this article on a website called Health and Fitness Shop.