To Share or not To Share…

Add a side | mixed greens or fries +4 | vintage salad or classic caesar +6

Goat Cheese + Tapenade |11.5| Oven baked Parmesan focaccia brushed with pesto oil. Warm truffle goat cheese and olive + tomato tapenade

Chicken Wings |13| (gf) One pound of fresh BC wings, spicy peach chipotle glaze, sesame seeds + sliced orange garnish

Fish Tacos |12.75| flour tortillas, avocado salsa, turmeric infused rice, crisp slaw, tempura flashed basa finished with sweet soy + sesame seeds, side of cilantro vinaigrette
gluten free option: pan seared fish on butter lettuce leaves +1

Vegan Tofu Tacos |13| flour tortillas, turmeric infused rice, avocado salsa, crisp slaw, pan-seared tofu + bell peppers in a peanut satay, sweet soy glaze, sesame seeds + cilantro vinaigrette
gluten free option: on butter lettuce leaves +1

Pho King Lettuce Wraps |16.5| (gf) wok seared chicken + bell peppers in a peanut satay, traditional sides of butter lettuce, sunomono cucumber slaw, cilantro vinaigrette, togarashi dusted rice noodles + fresh lime
Vegan alternative with diced firm tofu available

Gyoza |13| pan-fried pork dumplings, sweet soy glaze, sriracha + cilantro vinaigrette

Chili Chicken |13| (gf) Sweet + spicy glazed chicken, with sliced cucumber + sesame seeds

Sicilian Flatbread |12| Chorizo sausage, house pesto, roasted red peppers, feta, sun-dried tomatoes + baby arugula on naan flatbread

Tempura Prawns |13| Tempura flashed prawns (six), sunomono slaw, garnished with cilantro vinaigrette + a side of citrus ponzu

Yam Fries |9| (gf) side of roasted red pepper aioli