Lunch Your Way

add a side mixed greens or caesar +4 | add a side apple walnut salad +6

Chef’s Soup |7| (gf) ask your server for today’s featured soup

Pho King Lettuce Wraps |16.5| (gf) wok seared chicken + bell peppers in a peanut satay, traditional sides of butter lettuce,sunomono cucumber slaw, cilantro vinaigrette, togarashi dusted rice noodles + fresh lime

Fish Tacos |12.75|  flour tortillas, avocado salsa, basmati rice, crisp slaw, tempura flashed basa finished with sweet soy + sesame seeds, side of cilantro vinaigrette

Gluten free option: pan seared fish on butter lettuce leaves +1

Hand Cut Greens

grilled or cajun chicken +5.5 | prawn sauté (five) +6

Caesar Salad |12.5| garlic dressing, crisp romaine, chopped bacon, roasted croutons + shaved Parmesan

Quinoa + Arugula Salad |15| (gf) organic red quinoa, baby arugula, hand cut greens, candy cane beets, bourbon dijon vinaigrette, sun-dried cranberries, slivered almonds + local goat cheese

Mediterranean Salad |14.75| (gf) sautéed red peppers, house preserved cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, caper berries + kalamata olives, alongside balsamic glistened greens, finished with feta cheese

Apple Walnut Salad |14.75| (gf) hand cut artisan greens, toasted walnuts, Okanagan apples, grapes, honey lime
vinaigrette + local goat cheese

Pasta + Noodle Bowl

Pasta Isabelle pappardelle noodles, alfredo sauce, house pesto, grape tomatoes, baby arugula + imported parmesan
sautéed chicken 22 | sautéed prawns (five) 22.5 | sautéed prawns (five) + chicken 28 | vegetarian 16

Wor Wonton Soup |14.5| rice noodles, pork dumplings, poached prawns, crisp hand cut slaw, bean sprouts + ginger infused broth | add grilled or cajun chicken +5.5

Thai Noodle Bowl (gf) peanut satay sauce, rice noodles, bell peppers, crisp slaw, bean sprouts, fresh lime, sesames seeds, crushed peanuts
sautéed chicken 20 | sautéed prawns (five) 20.5 | sautéed prawns (five) + chicken 26 | vegan 14


locally baked brioche kaiser from Nature’s Oven

gluten free option available on butter lettuce leaves +1

Steakhouse BBQ Burger |15.5| fresh 7 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, glazed with BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, chopped bacon, melting provolone, tempura pickles + mayo

The Peppercorn Burger |16.75| fresh 7 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, gorgonzola dressing, firecracker onions (gf), vine-ripened tomato, iceberg lettuce, pickles + peppercorn mayo

Cheddar Burger |15.75| fresh 7 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, Scotty’s fancy mustard sauce,a hint of mayo, hand cut iceberg lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, pickles + red onion

Magical Mushroom Burger |17| fresh 7 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, mushroom demi glace, melting Swiss, banana peppers, crispy potato hay + peppercorn mayo


gluten free option available on butter lettuce leaves +1

Okanagan Grilled Cheese |14|Okanagan artisan cheeses: aged cheddar, smoked gouda + amber ale butter cheese on garlic seared focaccia, with our made from scratch roasted garlic + tomato soup

Festivus Turkey Dip |14.75| oven roasted Fraser valley turkey, traditional stuffing + cranberry aioli on a brioche bun, with natural turkey gravy

The Reuben |14.75| shaved pastrami, melting swiss, Scotty’s fancy mustard sauce + sauerkraut on locally crafted rye

Flat Iron Steak Sandwich |19.75| 6 oz Alberta AAA+ flat iron, garlic seared focaccia +firecracker onions

Cajun Chicken Burger |17| blackened chicken, Okanagan cheddar, crispy firecracker onions, peppercorn mayo, iceberg lettuce + ripe tomato on a brioche kaiser

Burgers + Sandwiches are served with your choice of fries, classic caesar, or mixed greens with honey lime vinaigrette

Substitute a side apple walnut salad, yam fries with red pepper aioli, or chef’s soup +3