Lunch served 11am-4pm daily

Lunch Features

Signature Steamed Bun & Wonton Soup |13| One Vietnamese steamed bun, sweet & spicy short ribs, cucumber slaw, miso sriracha aioli garnished with sesame seeds served with a small bowl of our wonton soup with house made dumplings

Tempura Prawns & Wonton Soup |14| Tempura flashed prawns (three), sunomono slaw, miso sriracha aioli & ponzu with a small bowl of our wonton soup with house made dumplings

Featured Sandwich & Chef’s Soup |14.5|
Ask your Server about today’s feature sandwich

Featured Burger |14.5served with your choice of fries or mixed greens
Ask your Server about today’s feature burger

Soup & Salad |14| Apple Walnut Salad or Caesar Salad & Chef’s soup Starter size salad served with small bowl of our made from scratch soup


Starter Wonton |8| five homemade dumplings, hand cut slaw, snap peas & ginger infused broth

Wonton |14| ten homemade dumplings, broccoli, red pepper, hand cut slaw, snap peas & ginger infused broth

Daily Chef’s Soup (gf) |8| please ask your server for today’s featured soup


Quinoa + Arugula Salad

Hand Cut Greens

Add on grilled or cajun chicken +6 | prawn sauté +7

Caesar Salad |15.5| garlic caesar dressing, crisp romaine, chopped bacon, roasted croutons + shaved Parmesan

Quinoa + Arugula Salad |16| (gf) organic red quinoa, baby arugula, hand cut greens, candy cane beets, bourbon dijon vinaigrette, sun-dried cranberries, slivered almonds + local goat cheese
Vegan option available

Apple Walnut Salad |15.5| (gf) hand cut artisan greens, toasted walnuts, fresh strawberries, grapes, honey lime vinaigrette + local goat cheese

Sunshine Bowl |17.5| (gf) spring spinach, organic red quinoa, fresh avocado, toasted almonds, chilled local beets, crispy chickpeas, grape tomatoes & red pepper tahini dressing, drizzle of cilantro vinaigrette. dairy free/vegan (nut allergy)


Pawn + Scallop Embrace

Signature Lunch Plates

Pasta Isabelle pappardelle noodles, made from scratch alfredo sauce, house pesto, grape tomatoes, arugula + Parmesan
vegetarian 19 | sautéed chicken 25.5 | sautéed prawns (five) 26.5

Pasta Vesuviano |25.5| Sauté of olive oil & garlic marinated tomatoes, grape tomatoes, chicken, local sausage, red peppers, red onion, fettuccini noodles, drizzle of basil avocado cream & finished with chopped parsley

Green Curry Rice Bowl (gf) sliced red peppers, julienne snap peas, button mushrooms, broccoli, spicy green curry, turmeric infused rice, crisp slaw, chopped cilantro + sesame seeds
vegan with firm Tofu 19 | sautéed chicken 25.5| sautéed prawns (five) 26.5

Pacific Sablefish (gf/oceanwise) |38| Miso-honey glazed Pacific Black Cod, Coconut milk risotto, pomegranate gastrique, seasonally inspired vegetables 

Prawn & Scallop Embrace (gf/oceanwise) |35| Three skewers of tiger prawns embracing scallops, napped with lemon dill tarragon cream, miso risotto & seasonally inspired vegetables

19 Okanagan Seasonal Steak (gf) wild mushrooms sautéed with baby red jacket potatoes, caramelized onions, grape tomatoes, wild arugula, gorgonzola cheese, toasted walnuts, balsamic vinegar + a drizzle of truffle oil
Choice of Alberta AAA+ steak:
| Alberta AAA+ 6 oz Flat Iron |33|
| Alberta AAA+ 7 oz Filet of Beef Tenderloin |40|
| Alberta AAA+ 10 oz Dry Aged Ribeye |46|


The Beyond Burger + House Greens

Burgers + Sandwiches

gluten free bun available +2

Cheddar Burger fresh 4 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, Scotty’s fancy mustard sauce,a hint of mayo, hand cut iceberg lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, pickles + red onion | 4 ounce patty/pretzel bun 15 | 7 ounce patty/brioche kaiser |

The Peppercorn Burger |19| fresh 7 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, gorgonzola dressing, firecracker onions (gf), vine-ripened tomato, iceberg lettuce, pickles + peppercorn mayo

Magical Mushroom Burger |19| fresh 7 oz Alberta AAA+ beef, mushroom demi glace, melting Swiss, banana peppers, crispy potato hay + peppercorn mayo

Cajun Chicken Burger |19| blackened chicken, Okanagan cheddar, crispy firecracker onions, peppercorn mayo, iceberg lettuce + ripe tomato on a brioche kaiser

Steak Sandwich |25| Alberta AAA+ Flat Iron Steak, garlic + thyme butter  seared focaccia, crispy firecracker onions

The Beyond Burger |19|(vegan) fire grilled vegan patty, red pepper hummus, jalapeno apricot jelly, pickled onions, micro greens & tomato on a pretzel bun

Burgers + sandwiches are served with your choice of steakhouse fries or mixed greens with a maple dijon vinaigrette
| Substitute classic caesar with parmesan & chopped bacon OR side apple walnut salad with goat cheese & grapes +3

Large parties of 10 or more may be subject to a 18% gratuity