Holiday + Large Party Menus

Room dressed with black linen tablecloths + linen napkins
Two course dinners from $34 per person
add dessert + coffee service course for +$5 or, substitute dessert + coffee for the starter for no additional charge

| Starter Course |

Apple Walnut Salad (gf) artisan greens, walnuts, Okanagan apples, grapes, honey lime vinaigrette + local goat cheese

Classic Caesar Salad garlic dressing, crisp romaine, chopped bacon, roasted croutons + shaved Parmesan

Chef’s Soup (gf) made from scratch, daily incarnations

| Main Course |
Pre-select up to three options for your guests to choose from that evening
With selected starch + locally sourced, seasonally inspired vegetables, garlic/thyme butter finish

Pan Roasted Duck Breast (gf) Brome Lake Duck, prepared medium rare to medium, with seasonal risotto

Miso Honey Black Cod (gf) Ocean wise, Pacific Black Cod, miso honey glaze, with seasonal risotto

Cabernet Braised Short Ribs (gf) Slow braised, boneless Alberta AAA+ beef, natural red wine demi glace + red jacket mashed six ounce cut

Blackened Chicken (gf) chorizo corn sauté, chipotle lime butter finish Rossdown Farms, eight-ounce double breast, with red jacket mashed

Pan Roasted Chicken, sauté of three prawns, sun-dried tomato cream (gf) Rossdown Farms, eight-ounce double breast, with red jacket mashed

Pan Roasted Chicken, wild mushroom sauté with natural pan jus (gf) Rossdown Farms, eight-ounce double breast, with red jacket mashed

Flat Iron Steak (gf) Alberta AAA+ beef, six-ounce cut, red jacket mashed + natural red wine demi glace
|add $2 per order

New York Strip (gf) Certified Angus Beef, eight-ounce west coast cut, red jacket mashed + natural red wine demi glace
|add $6 per order

| Vegan + Vegetarian Options |
We will gladly honor these substitutions on the evening of your event to meet the dietary requirements of your guests

Pasta Isabelle pappardelle noodles,alfredo sauce, house pesto, grape tomatoes, baby arugula + shaved Parmesan vegetarian

Thai Noodle Bowl (gf) peanut satay sauce, rice noodles, bell peppers, crisp slaw, bean sprouts, fresh lime, sesame seeds + crushed peanuts vegan/vegetarian

Vegan Risotto (gf) coconut milk + miso risotto sautéed with wild mushrooms, with locally sourced vegetables vegan/vegetarian

| Dessert Course Option |
add $5 per guest, includes Cherry Hill coffee serviceDuo of Dessert Tastings (gf)
Cold set cheesecake + Callebaut chocolate mousse
| Limited Host Bar Service |
Corporate drink tickets with logo, $6.50 avg. cost
Entry level wines, local draft, domestic beer + Hi-balls
• Okanagan wine pairing with main course from $7.50
• ‘Champagne’ toast $6 per flute

Please… advise us of any allergies
Menu prices do not include gst or 17% gratuity

Holiday Party Menus – Plated Service
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