Neil Martens


His favourite part of the restaurant business is that no two days are ever the same. He says you have to be comfortable with organized chaos while feeding a strong passion for food. Neil and his wife Shelley have six children, four boys and two girls, so you know he has lots of practice living a chaotic lifestyle.

As Owner/Operator of 19 Okanagan Grill + Bar, Neil credits his career good fortune to the people he has worked with from the early days in a fast food outlet to his current passion for casual fine dining. His more than 25 years in the industry have taken him on a journey through restaurants in Salmon Arm, Kelowna and now West Kelowna.

And, speaking of journeys, his beloved New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1928, 1933, 1940 and 1994 – 54 years between #3 and #4. Neil’s hoping it won’t take another 54 years for the next one.


Phone: 250-768-3133

Scotty Powell

Head Chef

Chef Scotty is the driving force behind our commitment to high quality, consistent, and most importantly delicious dishes. His strong work ethic inspires our kitchen team to excel; an already talented team of red seal chefs, apprentices, and line cooks flourish under his leadership.

His ability to see talent in those around him has brought out the best in our team. We have seen part time dishwashers and line cooks, who wanted nothing more than a paycheck and a fun place to work, inspired to pursue education in the culinary arts because Chef saw potential. He invests in his people, and his people have in turn invested their time in improving themselves. Every delicious bite you take is created thoughtfully by Chef Scotty and our team of Red Seal sous chefs, and executed daily by our committed kitchen team.

Chef Scotty is more than just our pragmatic head chef. He is a loving husband and father, supportive friend, and his consistently positive attitude uplifts everyone around him. We love the meals he creates, but more than that we love the energy and passion he brings to everything he does.

Jacquelle Amado

FOH Leader

Jacquelle has been with 19 Okanagan for 5 years, filling countless roles including server, manager, bartender, head cash person, master of the Squirrel + Moneris systems, IT hero, wine expert, and the list goes on… We don’t know what we would do without her because frankly we can’t keep track of all it is that she does exactly. Endlessly grateful and always impressed, 19 is absolutely better because of her.

When you look past the tall tower of hats she wears, you see a truly lovely and talented individually capable of making guests and employees feel welcome without effort. Within the confines of our restaurant she is a person who takes pleasure in facilitating unique and memorable experiences, and addresses any situation or issue with grace and ease.

Outside of the restaurant she is a supportive friend who listens and laughs with you over a bottle of wine, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and the mother to a kind and intelligent daughter.

Geoff Molloy

Sous Chef

Geoff (Geo) has been working at 19 since he was hired as a dishwasher over a decade ago. Since then a lot has changed. He finished high school, had two beautiful children (Leo and Zoey), got married to Kate, and finished his culinary schooling. It has been a pleasure to watch Geo develop into the passionate learner, supportive team member, and loving father that he is today.

Now in the position of Sous Chef, Geo has been the one behind the scenes developing and creating our amazing menu. With such a strong passion for food and a desire to learn and explore the culinary world he has become the back bone of the menu development team of 19. By constantly educating himself and researching new techniques and food trends he had helped 19 create the amazing menu we are proud to serve today. The menu has evolved tremendously over the past few years and no one is more deserving of the credit and thanks than Geo “Sweet Sugar Cupcake” Molloy.

Lyndon Siemens

Sous Chef

Lyndon’s been a member of the 19 family for 12 years, some may call him a founding father. He is one of our talented red seal sous chefs, but that’s not his only role. DJ Lyndo makes his appearance as our resident DJ, available for your party and event needs.

When he’s not in the kitchen or behind the turn tables, you can find him enjoying a Guinness at the bar or teeing off at Two Eagles Golf

 Adrian “TooTall” Nymeyer

Sous Chef

Sous Chef Adrian Nymeyer is better known as TooTall, and is an institution here at 19 Okanagan. You should get to know him better, he has cooked you breakfast after all.Over the years we have seen him grow exponentially both as a Chef and as person.

He is a leader in our kitchen, a wonderful husband to Virginia, dedicated father to his adorable daughter Willow, and a sincere friend to all of us.His time spent in the prep hall sets us up for successful every week, putting careful care into each and every recipe and element he prepares.

Additionally, his team and him are to thank for the wonderful buffet dinners enjoyed all year round, including Men’s and Ladies night, golf tournaments, and weddings. He puts as much love into cooking for your family as he does his own.

When TooTall isn’t at 19 Okanagan he enjoys playing ukulele for his #1 fan Willow, golfing at Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy, and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers.