Quinoa with fresh blueberries, pear vinaigrette + arugula, locally sourced vegetables, peach gastrique + watermelon caviar


  • Fresh arctic char, farmed sustainably in Osoyoos
  • Peach gastrique (peach juice, sugar, white vinegar)
  • Quinoa with seasonally local blueberries, pear + poppy seed vinaigrette + arugula
  • Locally sourced, seasonal vegetables
  • Watermelon caviar (vegetarian gelatin, watermelon, beet powder)
  • Large round fish plate

Method of Preparation:

Step 1: Sear char skin side down, flip, season, finish in oven, medium moist in doneness.

Step 2: Mix quinoa with dressing, berries + arugula

Step 3: Plate quinoa in center, vegetables on one side, peach gastrique around bottom edge of quinoa

Step 4: Garnish with watermelon caviar, fresh blueberries + a sprig of cilantro