Please… advise us of any allergies or dietary requirements
🌱 = Vegan | 🌊 = Ocean Wise | GF = Gluten Free
Kid’s menu available upon request

Made From Scratch Desserts

Chocolate Ganache GF |8|
Rich Bernard Callebaut chocolate ganache, gf graham cracker crust, vanilla bean ice cream & warm caramel 

Cold Set Cheesecake GF |8|
Whipped cheesecake, gf graham cracker crust, seasonal berry compote & chocolate shavings

The Ice Cream Sandwich GF ? (nut allergy) |8|
Made from scratch chocolate chip cookies, dairy free salted caramel ice cream from Parlour in Kelowna
Gluten free, vegan & vegetarian, but still fun and delicious! We almost didn’t want to tell you, in case you were judgey…

After’s & Coffee Drinks

Vintage Coffee |9|
Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, Banana liqueur, Cherry Hill coffee, raw sugar rim & whipped cream

The Caramilk Secret |9|
Bailey’s Irish Cream, Butter Ripple Schnapps, Cherry Hill coffee, raw sugar rim & whipped cream

Café Mocha |9|
Bailey’s Irish Cream, Espresso Vodka, hot chocolate & coffee, raw sugar rim & whipped cream

Beautiful Coffee  |9|                            
Grand Marnier & Courvoisier vsop, heated snifter, Cherry Hill coffee on the side

Late Harvest & Port style 

Quails’ Gate 1.5 oz pour |9|
Optima 375 ml

Quails’ Gate 1.5 oz pour |8|
Old Vines Foch Fortified, tawny style