19-Okanagan-Grill-+-Bar-Chef-ScottyThe mission of any restaurant is to find a Chef who shares the same passion for food and standards of excellence. At 19 Okanagan, we believe that fresh is always better and so does Chef Scotty Powell.

He was born and raised in Kelowna growing up with many friends who lived on farms or in orchards. Scotty learned at a young age that farm fresh ingredients make the difference.

He found his passion for cooking in 2005 and received his Red Seal as a Professional Chef in 2010.  He has had the opportunity to work alongside and train with some amazing local Chefs throughout the years.  Scotty is dedicated to lifelong learning through sharing. It’s his favourite part of the job – new techniques, new flavours and new visual ascetics. It’s you the customer who benefits from his approach to his craft.