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19 Okanagan Eggnog Cheesecake

“Every meal is made to order, fresh and in house, using local and sustainable products and only premium bakery goods.” – Owner/Operator Neil Martens

We’ll let you in on an important secret. We don`t bake our cheesecakes. Bliss Bakery in Peachland does and we`re huge fans. They`re all about the food they create, the ingredients, how it tastes and how it looks. As owners Barry and Darci Yeo say, Bliss reflects the simple pleasures in life. It`s more than just a bakery, it`s food with soul. We agree!

Here`s what happens in the 19 Okanagan kitchen with every order of our Eggnog Cheesecake. We start with a slice of Bliss Bakery goodness. The cheesecake has a hint of Kahlua and a gingerbread crust.

19-Okanagan-Grill-+-Bar-Bliss Bakery cheesecake on a plate

Then our team goes to work preparing every order personally. The first step is to garnish with creamy caramel.

19-Okanagan-Grill-+-Bar-Bliss Bakery cheesecake being finished

Next we add the candied walnuts.

19-Okanagan-Grill-+-Bar-Bliss Bakery cheesecake adding nuts

Got your mouth watering? Then comes the Cape Gooseberry.

19-Okanagan-Grill-+-Bar-Bliss Bakery cheesecake one more step

All that`s left is the dessert fork and the smile on a satisfied customer`s face.

If you don`t already know about Bliss Bakery, check them out. Your taste buds will thank you.